Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another Super Tuesday

Good luck to my fave presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, as primaries are held in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont. If he can clinch Texas and Ohio I think he stands a good chance of gaining his party's nod for President.

How the primaries have unfolded has surprised a lot of persons, myself included. Obama has Hillary Clinton on the ropes, and not even this little girl seems to think much of her chances...just kidding.

Photo: www.theybf.com

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Anonymous said...

Crucial Twosday

Caucuses and primaries being held the same day
Republicans and Democrats doing things their way
Uniquely Texas has both going on
Caucuses taking place tonight after the primary election
It’s confusing for voters, many find it hard
A double barrel event on their voting card
Lone star state is the only place where they can
Take a legal second vote for their best man
Weather prevailing all shall go right
Obama should triumph in this political fight
Some recent late bombs are difficult to put out
Deliberate fear ads and NAFTA looming about
Anticipating the Clinton Mechanism requires great ingenuity
Yes We Can defeat even their worst falsity

Another Acrostic Poem from
The Bajan Poetry Society
By Khaidji