Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coupled up at the BMA's

I read somewhere once that the greatest accessory you can have at a high profile event is the person on your arm, and even though that sounds a tad shallow, for sure you want your companion to complement you on the red carpet.

Here are pics of some of the couples who took to the carpet at the Barbados Music Awards. As before, all pics are courtesy of

The big kahuna himself, the founder and producer of the Barbados Music Awards, Ronnie Morris, tried out the red carpet experience along with a friend. The white on black, black on white contrast is kinda cute.

Member of Parliament for Christ Church West Central, the Hon. Stephen Lashley, put aside politics for the night to step out with his lovely wife.

Entertainer Ras Iley and his companion brought some colour and fun to the red carpet.

This couple was perhaps the best coordinated of the night.

King of the Dancehall Beenie Man brought along his own personal Barbie doll (her stage name really is Barbie).

I don't think this young lady was Machel Montano's date but they really do make a cute couple.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at how the men represented.


Anonymous said...

Barbie is really BARBEE, she has a dancehall hit with Li'l Lion and if I am not mistaken the "white" couple - blonde in blue dress and hub in black suit and matching shirt are Mr & Mrs Danny Mansour of 21 Degrees air conditioning

Bajegirl said...

Thanks airbourne. Had checked it online and saw both spellings.