Monday, December 03, 2007

Trading Hearts recap

I know I'm long overdue with the continuation of Trading Hearts so thanks much for your patience. Anyway, what better time for romance than Christmas, right?

Anyhoo, since I know most of you have forgotten where we left off in Part 8, here's a recap of Trading Hearts. You can also check the sidebar if you need a quick read through.

Previously, on Trading Hearts...
After surviving a dramatic breakup with her longtime boyfriend Matthew Sealy five years earlier, Natasha Taylor has become a successful property manager, and she runs the Taylor family's business. Focussed and independent, the last thing she expects is to fall for Michael Austin, the sexy handyman at her most exclusive property, Emerald Bay House.

Meanwhile, King Properties, the owners of Emerald Bay House, want to develop a mega mall in the neighbourhood where Natasha's parents reside, but her father Frank and some other residents refuse the substantial sums offered as an incentive to relocate. The proposed development also brings her back in contact with Matthew, who is one of the legal counsels to King Properties.

After a near tragic occurrence at Emerald Bay House, Natasha and Michael explore their relationship further. However, what Natasha doesn't know is that handyman Michael is in fact Alan Michael Austin King, the owner of Emerald Bay House and King Properties. Michael's caught between a rock and a hard case, because he knows he's unlikely to get the Taylor's land and keep Natasha at the same time.

Can Michael have his cake and eat it too? How will Natasha react to her man's betrayal? Stay tuned for Part 9 of Trading Hearts later today.

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