Thursday, November 01, 2007

More on Halloween in Jamaica

Irie Diva over at Fashion Over Style recently posted some interesting pics from a Halloween party held in Jamaica, and here're a few that caught my eye:

I hope he doesn't have to get a visa from the US Embassy any time soon...

This gives new meaning to the term 'arrested development'.

I know a Sociology Lecturer at Mona who would have a fit if he saw this 'Rasta broom man'.

She really put some safety pins to the test. I'm not sure what she's portraying but she brave as wuh.

Forget about the Big Bad Wolf, Li'l Red Riding Hood scares the heck outa me...

Even Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn't want to cross swords with this pirate, and so many black women are wearing blonde wigs now I'm not sure if the lady on the right is pretending to be Marilyn Monroe or that's her own style....

If the one on the right is Miss Muffet, I guess the one on the left is the spider?

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