Thursday, November 29, 2007

More accolades for Rihanna

Kudos to homegirl Rihanna, who rounded out a successful 2007 by winning Seventeen magazine's first ever style awards.

She was also nominated for three NRJ Awards, which are given out by the French radio station NRJ to popular musicians.

Rihanna’s up for International Female Artist of the Year, International Song of the Year for Don’t Stop the Music and International Album of the Year for Good Girl Gone Bad.

The ceremony will be held on January 26 and will also be broadcasted live.

I sense a Grammy's coming her way next year....



landlark said...

power to rihanna we love you...keep on keeping on, you are a diva!

Khaidji said...

Bravo bravo! But we arte starting to expect this. Rihanna has been steadily collecting her numerous awards. More to come! We look forward to the others and continue to be proud of her.

Kudos To Her

Kudos to her, Bajan superstar
USA claims you but you know who you are
Diva extraordinaire with limitless appeal
Overseas contracting deal after deal
Some may jeer you but they are few
They would never like whatever you do
Objective critics very well know
How difficult it is to have your glow
Extraordinary I’ve said and exceptional too
Rihanna Robyn Fenty keep it real, bravo to you