Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to speak like a Bajan

I'ain- I'm not, I don't, e.g: "I'ain kay" (I don't care)

I'ain bout dat- when you are not too keen on something, e.g: "I'ain bout gettin' in nuh trouble" (I'm not in the mood to get into trouble, I'm not in for getting into trouble etc...)

Igrunt- to be hot headed

Jenkins- a somewhat uncomplimentary term referring to the Psychiatric Hospital at Black Rock, St Michael.

To kill off someone- to diss someone

To get kill off- to get dissed

Larde- meaning Lord, usually follows "Oh". e.g "Oh Larde"

to lick mout - to talk, chat, carry on conversation, e.g: "She dey licking she mout fo' she try'an guh long to work" (Instead of going along to work, she's there carrying on a conversation)

Lickorish- greedy when it comes to food

Source: The Dictionary of Bajan Slang

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