Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to speak like a Bajan


Wait- Wait has a variety of usages. It can be used in much the same way as "by the way", e.g., "Wait, you hear bout dat dub fete dis Satduh?" (By the way, did you hear about that dub fete this Saturday?)

It can also be used to express surprise, e.g. "Wait...! Wuh goin on hey?" (What's going on here?)

Wha'/Wuh- what

Whaloss! - normally means "oh my goodness".

Wildboys - a negative term usually used in reference to boys on the block

To wuk up- a popular dance here that involves rotating your hips in a sexual manner

Wuh um is?- what is it?/where is it?

Wuh looka doh nuh- used when shocked or astonished at something.

Wuh looka my crosses- I mainly hear older Bajans with this and is used when astonished at something.

Wunnuh- means "you" in the plural form.


You - This word has various usages. It is a popular way to start a sentence especially if you want to attract the speaker's attention to something.

e.g: You! - It can be used to express surprise or astonishment, e.g., "You, dat shirt look so good!"


ZR - a form of public transportation

And that's it, peoples. Hoped you enjoyed my little tutoring session.

Source - Dictionary of Bajan Slang

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