Friday, November 23, 2007

How to speak like a Bajan


Safe - Safe has a wide variety of meanings depending on the context:
To be safe (of a person) - to be cool, e.g: "He real safe" (He is really cool);
To be safe (of a friendship) e.g: "We safe" - Things are good between us;
Safe (expression, in response to a statement) - Cool, Okay, That's fine by me

Sa'in- something

Scotch- In Bajan slang the word "scotch" is used when you want someone to move around so you could get a seat. For example, you may hear "Geh me a scotch dey so" (used like this it is considered rather impolite). The more polite form would be "May I have a scotch please?"

Other examples are "You want a scotch?", "Try'an scotch'on dey so"

Site- I get where you're coming from

To skin one's teet- to laugh e.g: "She always skinning she teet at some ting or de other" (she is always laughing at something)

To 'sociate wid sumbody- to associate with someone, to be on speaking terms with someone.

To look stink - to look bad in terms of dress or appearance, e.g "Uh uhhhh dat girl look so stink!" (That girl looks so bad)

To study- can sometimes mean to think about something or to be deep in thought,
e.g: "Wha' you studyin?" What are you thinking about?

Stupse- is probably what the Brits call "sucking one's teeth". It is done when you want to show disapproval at something and it can be considered fairly rude.

Sukka-bubby - kool-aid poured into a small, clear plastic bag and frozen.

Source - The Dictionary of Bajan Slang

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