Monday, November 19, 2007

How to speak like a Bajan


Gear- used to describe expensive, brand name clothing

To get wash in licks- to get beaten up really badly, e.g: "De man jes wash he in licks" (The man beat him up really badly

Gipsy- too inquisitive about everyone's business, e.g. "cha, you so gipsy!"

To 'gree wid s.o - to be on speaking terms with someone

To 'gree back wid sumbody- to get back on speaking terms with somebody

Guh long - Go ahead e.g: Guh long and marry he nuh! (Go ahead and marry him!)


A halfa idiot- a really stupid person

A piece 'uh idiot- a really stupid, senseless person

Hard - to describe just about anything good

Hardears- naughty (usually a child) e.g: "Da l'il boy so hardears" (That little boy is so naughty).

Hear - use at the end of the sentence for emphasis e.g: "dem teachers does geh yuh nuff homework, hear"

Source: The Dictionary of Slang

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