Thursday, November 22, 2007

How to speak like a Bajan


Part - in a question form, "part" is a substitution for "where". For instance, "Part you is?"- "Where are you?" or "You know part de library is?" - "Do you know where the library is?"

To pelt - to throw, e.g "Pelt de ball cross hey" (Throw the ball here).

To pelt waist - to wuk-up

Pon - on e.g: "It pon de table" (It's on the table), "I gine pon Satduh" (I'm going on Saturday).

Pooch - used to refer to one's buttocks

To be a pooch licker- to be someone who sucks up to people

To pooch lick - to suck up to someone, to kiss up to someone

Poppit- an idiot, e.g: "Ya poppit!" (You idiot!)

Poor great- (adv) someone on the lower end of the social scale who pretends to be of a higher class, e.g: "She does act real poor great"

To have poxy feet- to have feet full of black spots and scars

To pitch a slap in sumbody face- to slap someone in the face


To reason that - to think/decide that

Ram/ ram off- full to the max, e.g: "Dat van ram off" (That van is full to the max).

Rangate - another expression of astonishment. e.g. "Oh rangate I'en revise for that test!"

To be righteous - to be fair, e.g: "Dat jes ain't righteous- that is just not fair"

Source - Dictionary of Bajan Slang

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