Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to speak like a Bajan


Malicious - extremely inquisitive

Mainguhs (or maingers)- mangoes

To mek- to make

To be mekking sport- to be kidding or joking, e.g "Yuh mekking bare sport!"

To mek mock sport at someone - to ridicule someone

Miss ting- when you don't know a woman's name e.g "I mean Miss Ting dat live up de road".

Mob-o-ton- a lot of, e.g "Boy, dem teachers does geh ya uh mob-o-ton homework, hear!" (Those teachers give so much homework).


Newscarrier- to be someone who is spiteful and who goes around spreading rumours about people.

Not to be nuh way- normally said before saying something that might be hurtful or might offend someone, e.g: "Not to be nuh way, but he real stupid" (I don't mean to be rude but he's really stupid). A similiar phrase is "not to be bad", e.g: "Not to be bad right but he real stupid" (same meaning as the first one)

Nuh- used at the end of a sentence for emphasis. It normally is used for encouragement, e.g "Guh long and buy de ring nuh!" (Go ahead and buy the ring!)

Nuttin/na'in - nothing

Nuhbody - nobody, no one


Old year's night - New Year's Eve

To onfair sumbody- to be unfair to someone

To be own way - to like having things one's way

Source: The Dictionary of Bajan Slang

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