Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to speak like a Bajan


Caffuffle- bewildered. e.g "Maths just got my head caffuffle, denn!"

Cawblema!- Wow! Oh Goodness! (anything like that)

Cha!- an interjection meaning a variety of things from surprise to delight e.g: "Cha, dat fella look so good!" "Cha, in hey hot as hell!" "Cha, you hear dat new tune!"

Cheese-on-bread!- An expression showing astonishment. eg. "cheese-on-bread, dat fella look good, denn!"

To cock up in one's bed - to lay down in one's bed, e.g: '"I feel like cock'in up in my bed an' gine sleep" (I feel like laying down in my bed and going to sleep)

Cuhdear- Meaning "awww, how sad", "poor thing" anything like that.

To cuss and carry on- to quarrel in a rather raucous or low class way e.g: "Dat woman jes cuss and carry on bad bad bad in de people store, hear" (That woman just quarrel so bad in the store).

a Cutter- a sandwich made from authentic Bajan salt bread e.g: a Ham cutter means a Ham sandwich

D.Dat - that

To be dangerous- to be disloyal to one's friends

De- The

Denn- Another typical sentence ending. e.g. "you, he look hot, denn".

De rock- affectionate nickname for Barbados (not to be confused with "getting a big rock", which means that you were disappointed or let down by someone in some way.

De tarmack tite - everything is good between us

Don't watch na face - don't worry about it

Don't watch nain- don't worry about it

Dem- them

Courtesy of the Dictionary of Bajan Slang


Jamaipanese said...

cheese on bread!!! name ^_^

saying hello from Jamaica

Bajegirl said...

Greetings, jamaipanese. Always glad to have someone from my second home on board. You have a pretty cool name too.:)