Thursday, August 02, 2007

Trouble in Beenie Man's 'yard' + Rihanna's needs an SOS

Just a quick detour from the Crop Over action to report that according to various blogs and news sites, famous Jamaican dancehall artist Beenie Man and his wife of less than one year, D'Angel, appear to be headed for splitsville. The couple have a five month old son.

Wuhloss, I'll let you all read the rest of the story yourselves, 'cause this stuff worse than Day's of Our Lives. Click here and here (scroll down).


And local songbird Rihanna has injured her leg and is currently making her way around on crutches. No news yet on how she hurt herself. Hope she didn't pull a Beyonce and tumble down the stairs. Get well soon, Rihanna!



Anonymous said...

How the hell did she get on crutches.

elijah said...

rihanna is so sexy i am in love with her