Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Final poll results + new poll on Jamaica's elections

Last week's poll was almost split evenly, with 55% of voters disagreeing with the immediate relatives of leaders of Governement being appointed to government posts. Forty-four per cent of persons saw nothing wrong with such persons being appointed.

Well, we'll see how things turn out in St. Vincent, though I have a feeling this will come back to bite PM Ralph Gonsalves in the butt.

This week, we'll stay on the regional tip and focus on the election campaign in Jamaica. The recent debate between the People National Party's Portia Simpson-Miller and the Jamaica Labour Party's Bruce Golding was televised last night on CBC TV8. From what I saw, Bruce sounded more authoritative and was somehow able to defend his party and sympathise with the PNP at the same time.

Ms. Portia gave him a lot of opportunities to score some cheap political points but the JLP leader stuck to the high road for the most part. And why was the poor woman looking so mummified for most of the debate? She must have been warned not to let Bruce draw her tongue. She has to be careful about trying to make herself synonymous with the PNP, though, and building her campaign on how much the people "love" her. Political administrations built on the charisma of a leader only work if the leader is in office. St. Lucia's United Workers' Party may become a case in point soon.

This week's poll question is "Who would do a better job as Prime Minister of Jamaica?" As usual, the vote buttons are in the sidebar.

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