Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beyonce bans Rihanna

So much for no feud. Young, Black and Fabulous is reporting that last week at the launch party for Tina Knowles' (Beyonce's mother) clothing line House of Dereon in Toronto, Beyonce's camp ordered the DJ NOT to play any of Rihanna's music.

Apparently, just before Beyonce, her mother and sister Solange made their entrance into the launch party, members of the Knowles camp relayed a message to the DJ not to let any of Rihanna's music hit her turntables.

Rumour-mongering or an all out feud? Beats me, but I'm sure it'll translate into more album sales for our girl Rih Rih. Beyonce must be really feeling threatened to pull a move like that. Anyhoo, Rihanna looks like she can hold her own against the Queen of Weave....



Anonymous said...

if beyonce is so beautiful rihanna shold not b much of a threat why not blame jayz RIRI YOURE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU FOREHEAD HAS A LOT MORE SONGS TO BELT OUT if you werent attractive noone should feel threatened.sweep your hair back GIRLFRIEND

Bajegirl said... funny.:)

Anonymous said...

I see now.
How interesting. This is why I cannot stand BA's( black Americans) They have way too many issues, many of which are self-created and imposed. Competition is just that. This time 4 years from now, very few people will remember Rhianna. Honestly. That is how American music goes. You have these kids who are mega hits and then they fall off into oblivion. Does the name Tevin Campbell ring a bell.
Ah! You remember him now. Ok Nuff said then.
Beyonces' clothing line is tacky at best. The mother is a GOlD-DIGGER at best. The problem with BA's is that they "don't know how to act" to borrow a pet phrase of theirs.
Personally, I find all of that music to be "cookie-cutter" music without taste or substance. Can you really seriously differentiate between Rhi-rhi's music and that of her nemesis Beyonce? It all sounds like the same soundwriters write, same arrangers arrange, same producers produce, etc etc.
But that is why Americans are so mind-numb. From being told what to watch, what is cool, what and who to like, and so on and so fourth.
But she is ours and if we are going to show any semblance of a unified front, it is now.

Beyonce doesn't have to play Rhianna's music at her clothing line launch, that is her choice, but for my one part Bajans need to shy away from Beyonce's music, and any other commercial exploits and support our own.
This is the time to show those crab-in-a-barrel mentality folks, what the coconut heads can do to them!

Anonymous said...

I am a BA (black american) who has lived in the UK and the Caribbean, and I do agree with the previous comment. However, I can find fault with Caribbean people as well so let's not go there.

I do agree that Americans role through new artist like water, but at least Beyonce can sing. I never liked her barbie doll image, but Rihanna is not consistant. She's too gimmicky. Americans are playing off of this small island foolishness to promote her, but take that away, nothing stands out (other than her forehead).

I understand the need for Bajans to support her because she is one of your own, but I would not put my good name behind anyone because we come from the same country.

Jay-Z spending time with her is not a sign that she is anymore attractive than Beyonce. They do this with all the artist they sign. He makes money off of her and when she has run her course he will have another artist lined up to produce the same results. That's how the business is...

His relationship with B. may not have been sincere. He could have just been exploiting it like J. Lo. and Puffy did. Who knows. But one thing I am certain of is Rihanna better enjoy her time in the sun now because it soon finish.

Priss said...

guys none of this happened. beyonce didn't make such a request...these are just more lies to get people to read this blog....