Thursday, August 02, 2007

Road rage

As we try to come to grips with yet another tragic road accident in Barbados, my prayers go out to the Depeiza family who lost four of its members in yesterday's vehicle crash in Mullins, St. Peter.

Now, I'm not trying to lay the blame for the recent accidents at anyone's feet, I just want to get some things off my chest. Bear with me as I ask a few questions.

1)Do the officials at the Ministry of Public Works drive around Barbados? Can't they spot potential road hazards just like the rest of us mere mortals? Why does it appear as if people have to die before the relevant authorities improve certain roads? Will that road in Joe's River now be fixed, just like other areas that were improved after road fatalities? (Lears junction is one example)

2) Is someone at the Ministry of Public Works trying to surreptitiously kill off some of us Bajans? Seriously, how do you explain the Jam Buster, pedestrian crossings at roundabouts, traffic lights that go green the same time the walk sign is activated, widening roads from two lanes to four without adequate crossing rules...need I go on?

3) On the subject of the road widening, have you passed Roebuck Street recently? Have you tried exiting ICB, Weymouth Police Club or the Transport Board against the traffic? You have to cross three lanes! DOES SOMEOENE HAVE TO DIE BEFORE ONE-WAY SIGNS OR SOME OTHER TYPE OF REGULATION IS ENFORCED?

4) This is not so much a question but a plea. MPW, For the love of all that is good, please publicise the changes you are making around Barbados. Imagine my surprise when I cruised past Chefette on Fontabelle to encounter traffic lights at the junction leading to Pelican Village and Motor Services. Who would expect to find traffic lights on what has always been a straight road? Oh wait, you widened the road and then had to find a way to get traffic out of that side road, didn't ya?

Look peoples, drive safe, hear?

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Dennis Jones said...

You pose some very relevant questions, and I hope that they get answered by the relevant authorities. Some of the traffic changes defy reason. I'll add the removal of traffic lights at the junction of ABC Highway and Pine East-West Boulevard (perhaps only during the road works, but it's not clear). Now vehicles exiting Pine have to hope for a break in the near constant flow of highway traffic, try to force an entry or hope for two civil drivers.