Thursday, August 02, 2007

NCF has serious competition + Pic o' de Crop Feature: TC & Blood

With Crop Over in full swing, you can't turn on a radio without hearing an ad for some fete or show. More often than not, the organisers of these events aren't the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), but a private group such as a sports club or band. This new state of affairs is benefitting partygoers, the NCF not so much.

Here's my list of the (relatively) new fete organisers and shows I've noticed on the Crop Over scene. If I missed anyone, please add them in the comments.

1) Baje International Band

Back when Power x Four was more popular with the 20-plus crowd, Baje International was considered a tad 'bougie', but the combination of pretty girls and handsome guys in costume and soca artiste Rupee leading the charge was bound to catch on. Two weeks ago they held the first Collision fete featuring Machel Montano, and if the rave reviews are anything to go by, it will be an annual event.

2) Berger Boyz
Known for their exciting theme parties and popular cruises, the Berger Boyz are the promoters behind some of the most exciting fetes of the season, the prime one being the 10 to 10 or Insomnia fete. Check them out here.

3) Campus Boyz
More than a costume band, the Campus Boyz has established an educational bursary and are planning their own customer advantage card. They're not just businessmen, they're a business, man! See them here.

4) Brewsters Road Crew
Where is Brewster's Road? I still don't know, but their fetes are really popular!
Update: According to Cheese reader titilayo, Brewster's Road is near Westbury Road, St. Michael

5) Wadadah
Wadadah started out as a group of friends, developed into sports club focusing on football and cricket and finally evolved into a business. They’re involved heavily in charity work for the homeless, beach cleanups, donations and other charitable projects. Good going, Wadadah!

Other popular shows and fetes are:
1) Bacchanal Time vs. the Best of Crop Over
2) Glow
3) Booze Cruise
4) Euphoria
5) Soca on de Hill
6) Brian Lara's all-inclusive fete

Pic o' de Crop Feature

Terencia 'TC' Coward has for years been dubbed the People's Queen, but she's yet to make it a reality on Finals night. The consumate performer, TC always seems to run into difficulties on the big night. Hopefully she'll have better luck on Friday. Representing Bacchanal Time Calypso Tent, she will be performing Calypso Music and I is a Bajan.

Anderson 'Blood' Armstrong was born to perform. The former lead vocalist for the mega group Square One is no stranger to this competition; he was the youngest person to make the Finals, appearing in 1985 at the age of 17.

With a sweet voice and a dynamic stage presence, he has more than an outside chance of taking the crown. Hailing from Headliners Calypso Tent, he will be performing Calypso Owes You Nothing and For the Children.


titilayo said...

I've been told that Brewster's Road is somewhere out Westbury side.

Bajegirl said...

Thanks for clearing that up, titilayo!