Friday, February 01, 2008

Who shone brightest in the presidential debate?

The face-off between Democratic Presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took place last night and for the most part they tried to appear cordial to each other. I didn't watch the entire debate but I felt both of them did a good job, although Clinton was evasive in some of her responses, especially on health care. I'm still Team Obama, though.

So, let's hear from you in the poll in the sidebar...who triumphed in the debate, Obama or Clinton?

Have a good weekend!



Jdid said...

was this the debate in hollywood? I thought that obama dd a pretty decent job. he was able to get in a few digs at hillary without being overtly aggressive or attacking.

still think he wont go too far though

Anonymous said...

I’m sitting at home surfing the channels for something to watch and would you believe, when ever there is news on the Presidential Debates in USA, I get glued. There has not been an election that has sparked so much interest in all time, not just mine. Lots of it has to do with the players, all having some “first ever” syndrome, first Mormon Romney, first old man Mc Cain, first woman Clinton and first Black, Obama. Historically I may be wrong, but who is checking?

Presidential Debate

Polarized at the pinnacle of history
Republicans fighting Democrats for supremacy
Elections in the USA are revved to the max
Sources say it’s one for women or one for the blacks
I have been following with unusual inquiries
Debates by these parties leading up to the primaries
Eyes on every mannerism, on known gestures and traits
Nothing escapes me during these Presidential Debates
Then out come the polls to tell me who won
I may be bias because Obama always beats Clinton
And puzzling women, black women especially
Listening to gender bias and lobbying with solidarity
Don’t know how gender can ever trump race
Equal rights for blacks should be their preface
Blacks in American deserve a more equal right
Although Barack’s campaigning isn’t about this fight
This fresh mind seeks a change that will encompass
Everyone no matter their age, gender, race or class