Friday, February 22, 2008

The good, the bad and the funny of the Rihanna tribute concert cont'd UPDATED

Sorry for the break folks but had to deal with some other business. Still waiting on my pics...this is what happens when you can't go and take 'em yourself....

Anyhoo, let me get to it and I'll post up the pics later. (UPDATED with pics)

The good

1. Rihanna was designated an honorary Youth and Cultural Ambassador. I was honestly thinking they would have awarded her a National Honour such as a GCM or SCM, but that may be coming in November in the Independence Honours....

2. Corporate Barbados stepped up and gave her some serious tangible rewards, such as a lot at the exclusive Apes Hill project in St. James, a Range Rover and jewellery.

3. The outpouring of love from Barbadians, from the airport to Independence Square, was a beautiful sight. I'm just sorry the girl had to wait till she won a Grammy (despite winning numerous other awards) to get all this fuss made of her but better late than never I guess.

4. Bajans got two superstars for the price of one - her rumoured boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown accompanied her to the event, which created quite a stir. More on that in the bad section.

5. The musical talent on display at the concert was outstanding - for the most part. Paula Hinds and Co., Red Plastic Bag, Arturo Tappin and crew, Biggie Irie and Shontelle were the standouts for me. Livvi Frank and Richard Stoute get honourable mentions.

Gallimaufry blog
6. Independence Square is really turning into a prime venue for these outdoor events. The setting for the event was spectacular and the raising of the Chamberlain Bridge to allow the yacht bringing Rihanna to the concert to enter was a great touch.

7. On that same point, why were people sitting on the base of the statue of the Right Excellent Errol Barrow? Aren't there rules about climbing on the statues of national figures?

The bad
1. The emceeing duo of the night, Kevin "KB Kleen" Hinds and DJ Hurricane lowered the tone of the event. I've seen KB do a good job of emceeing in the past so I'm not sure what went wrong last night. He cracked inappropriate jokes, repeatedly referred to the Prime Minister as "David" (I know they went to the same school but have some respect for the man's post!) and harassed Chris Brown relentlessly. The first time he questioned Brown about whether he was Rihanna's boyfriend was funny, after doing it repeatedly it was just annoying and tacky.

Hurricane only escaped the criticism heaped on Hinds because she really didn't do much, except toss out the occasional "if you love Rih-Rih, scream!". The whole point of having two emcees is for one to pull the other back if he/she's going too far but that didn't happen.

2. Nothing against Lil Rick, but why was he even on the programme? His wuk-up routine to 'Can't Wait' was totally unnecessary, and coming after Ayana John and Buggy's rendition of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' it was really jarring. Not to mention the back up singers walked off and left him on the stage. Now that was embarrassing....

3. Barbados' first Grammy awardee, musician Jimmy Haynes, who produced the 1986 Steel Pulse classic 'Babylon The Bandit', needed to understand the protocol for being honoured at an event. You sit in the front row at the event and listen to the accolades bestowed on you. At some point you stand and receive the applause and wave politely to the audience. You DO NOT go on the stage and make a fool of yourself!

I didn't recognise Haynes when he first invaded the stage and my first thought was "damn, even the vagrants in town have dressed up for the occasion". He did somersaults on the stage, grabbed one of the back-up singers byt he waist, stripped off a few items of his clothing and made quite a spectacle of himself. Biggie Irie, who was performing at the time, didn't miss a beat though. Now that's professionalism.

4. The CBC TV announcer doing the links between the tv audience and the concert, Cassandra Samuels, appreared lost at points. Actually, she would have been a better choice of female emcee for the show than Hurricane, seeing as how she was actually dressed appropriately for the event.

The funny
1. When Rihanna disembarked from the yacht dressed in her chic yellow dress, I noticed that a burly police officer was holding her yellow handbag. And was he ever! That policeman had the bag "mek up" like he was out with it on a date. Too funny.

2. Chris Brown's look of excitement when he sailed into the Careenage and saw the massive crowd waiting on his "best friend" was priceless. I bet you don't get made such a fuss of at home, right Chris? That's how we do it in Bim, my brother.

Photos:, Oh, Ultimate Rihanna. com


Irie Diva said...

hey girl wassup
rhi rhi was here on saturday too...performed and then hung out with her none boyfriend CB and the backstage crowd, they're quite the characters

Jdid said...

thanks for the review. i didnt know they actually swung the bridge. wow! dont think i've ever seen that in my life.

and yes independence square is looking great!

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Khaidji said...

When I think about it, people vary on the treatment of ladies by gentlemen. I have met many gals who prefer to open the doors themselves. Most guys would prefer not to. The problem is , when out in public you never know who you will offend by opening doors or waiting to have doors opened. I heard that gallantry died years ago but still, when I see gallantry in practice, I feel good. During the Presidential Debates, I saw how Barack jumped to get Hillary’s chair for her. These are adversaries and yet his character still remains true, a perfect gentleman.

Here is an Acrostic Poem on
Her Yellow Handbag

Hilarious, that’s how it felt
Every step with the bag and his red belt
Rihanna was disembarking so he quickly grabbed hold
Yellow bag he clutched and his masculinity did unfold
Except, I’m wrong, his gallantry would prevail
Lots of machos should practice these habits fah real
Learn to treat ladies sometimes as royalty
On those days when they are celebrated, especially
When doors are to be opened and chairs pulled out
Heads to be covered when it’s raining all about
And any time when a lady needs her hands free
No real man should be worried on what others see
Damsels in distress have for years been rescued
By gentlemen who for their favor wooed
And these days to reflect the ultimate respect
Gentlemen should assist ladies, whatever slack they get

The Bajan Poetry Society
By Khaidji