Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lent: A season of reflection

As many of you know today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the religious season of Lent. After the excesses of Carnival and Fat Tuesday etc., it's now time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made for humankind.

It's also a time when many persons give up some habit or vice, mirroring the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. Many Bajans would have attended Lenten services earlier today and had crosses of ash painted on their foreheads.

When I was growing up the older folks would say "be careful, it's Lent", meaning that bad things were more likely to happen during these 40 days and night, and I would pray for Easter Sunday to come. Times have changed and people now party in Lent, go to the beach and do all the other things that the older generation used to frown on.

So, what are you all giving up for Lent? Remember, it must be something you like so it can't be work.;) Have a safe and prayer-filled Lenten season.


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