Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy birthday, Rih-Rih!

Cheese-on-bread extends Happy Birthday greetings to Barbados' Grammy award winning singer, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

As if winning a Grammy isn't enough of a birthday gift, Rihanna will be the guest of honour at a big blowout tomorrow in Independence Square in Barbados. Not a bad way to mark your 20th year at all.

To mark what people here are dubbing International Rihanna Day, throughout the day I'll be posting some of her music videos, especially the ones that we don't see too often. Enjoy!

Photo: Rihanna blows out the candles of her recent birthday party in Los Angeles. (

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Khaidji said...

My Fovourite Robyn

Robin please sing a song for me
And perch up high that I might see
Glitz and glamour from your feathered coat
Show me your luster as you sing each note
Take me to places I’ve never been
Over rivers and mountains and the valleys in between
Robin, precious Robyn you’re a special bird
I think you’re the sweetest I’ve ever heard
Cockatiels and mynahs have their own delight
How pale they compare in the silhouette light
Every song you sing makes me feel a special way
Sing, sing for me sweet Robyn and have a Happy Birthday!

20 on the 20th

Twenty on the Twentieth
These 20 lines I write today
Wish Rihanna a Happy 20th Birthday
Enjoyment with her family and friends
No stress today, I hope her cheer never ends
They tell me though that you’re working hard
You haven’t included rest on your card
Once you get started there is no low key
No rest today, but you’ll still turn 20
That means you’ll no longer be a teen
Have no more features on their magazine
Even though you are still young they’ll think you’re old
Teenagers think over 20 is old , I’m told
Whether this happens or comes to be
Everyone still would remember your rise to celebrity
Nothing dismisses the pleasure you brought
The years only magnifies what your stardom taught
I’m proud that you’re Bajan and that you went to Combermere
Every tie brings you closer, in my heart you’re here
Today if I could give you anything, I wish that you
Have a lighter schedule and a Happy 20th Birthday too!

Notice the message down the left spine of each poem.
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