Wednesday, February 20, 2008

National strike averted

Well, the national strike slated for today has been called off, or according to BWU General Secretary Sir Roy Trotman, deferred. All the sides involved aren't surrendering their positions so I suspect this may drag on for long.

You can read the full story here.

Photo: Prime Minister David Thompson (at right) and Barbados Workers' Union (BWU) general secretary Sir Roy Trotman greeted each other cordially at yesterday's meeting of the Social Partnership at Sherbourne Conference Centre. After that meeting – the first for Prime Minister Thompson – it was announced the islandwide strike planned for today by the union had been called off. Sir Roy described the development as "a deferral to allow the Government to be able to use its office in the interest of all of the country". The job of finding a solution to the two industrial disputes that led to the BWU's threatened action is now on the shoulders of Arni Walters, Minister of State with special responsibility for Employment and Labour Relations and Social Partnership. (

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Khaidji said...

There is still much unrest in the island over the action of a threatened island wide shut down. We can not anticipate the effect such an action would have in a now digitized industry. Many businesses are computerized and unless Management knows how to bypass the many codes of their employees, I expect devastating losses. The other thing about it that worries me is that so many employers are good shop keepers, treating their staff 100% or more, and their people are happy with them. Why do they have to suffer loses because of the wrong doings of other employers.

Strike Was Averted

Sandy lane workers walked out
They didn’t like how management wielded their clout
Royal Shop staff earlier had gone on strike
Intolerant conditions they said that they didn’t like
Keen interest by the Labour Union started the talks
Employees from other companies joined in the walks
When solidarity seemed fruitless Sir Roy took a stand
All the work would come to a halt on the Island
Support of the few would make many stop
And many a business would have to close up shop
Vice grip was placed around the island’s throat
Employers screaming they can’t stay afloat
Rescue came and the Prime Minister had prevented
The Wednesday scheduled Island wide strike was averted
Employees at the Royal Shop and at Sandy Lane
Don’t have back their jobs yet though and will be still picketing.

Notice the message down the left spine of all my poems
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