Friday, February 01, 2008

Rihanna's Got Milk

As Rihanna continues to take the entertainment world by storm, her celebrity status has received another boost. Next week she will be the latest star to sport a milk mustache as part of the Got Milk campaign. The ad will debut on February 5 in Teen Vogue.

Good going, Rih-Rih!


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Khaidji said...

Rihanna’s Got Milk! – Do You?

Right above her upper lip, on a new campaign she’ll embark
Is a white mustache, from the Got Milk trademark
Her forte widens as her fans grow
And finally there is a healthy quid pro quo
Now our star can be associated with more than fame
Nominations, contracts and controversial shame
An endorsement of this kind speaks wonders to me
Surely she wouldn’t have endorsed it if she didn’t agree
Got Milk is a healthy choice and I wish more teens knew
One liter daily should be on their menu
The benefits are greater than being lean
Milk is made up of valuable protein
It would build muscles and strengthen bones too
Lots more can be benefited through milk’s value
Klim, milk spelt backwards was that powdered stuff
Distributed as a substitute but was never enough
Once we realized it, Klim was stopped in schools
You can’t find it now unless they’re breaking the rules
One and all join with Rihanna as she ask, Got Milk?
Using milk daily then you too can have skin like silk