Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Text message started fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown

Hey, peoples. Well as expected more info is pouring in about what really happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown in the wee hours of Sunday morning. According to police reports (these guys have some seriously loose lips), Chris Brown received a text message from a from a woman who wrote about hooking up with him later. I really hope a certain hotel heiress isn't the woman, 'cause I tell yuh...

Apparently an enraged Rihanna threw away the car keys once the car came to a halt and the fight was on from there. You can see more details here, though I caution you to take it with a wee bit of salt.

Reports are also out on Rihanna's injuries. According to

Cops took multiple pictures at the scene. Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna so hard with his fists, she could barely open her eyes for the photos -- they were almost completely swollen shut. She had a fat lip, her mouth was swollen, her nose was badly bloodied, and she had contusions on her forehead and both sides of her face.

Of course Brown's camp is still saying it was an accident and other people are weighing in the situation, including T.I., Kanye West and Brown's step-father. You can be sure that this he said/she said situation is gonna spiral out of control just now.

Our prayers are with you, Rih-Rih.


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