Monday, February 09, 2009

Rihanna assaulted by Chris Brown?

All hell is breaking loose in Grammy land. So I was watching the Grammy's a few minutes ago, which are still on as I type, wondering where the heck Rihanna and Chris Brown are. Got tired of the show which is now running over 3 hours long and decided to shut my computer down and head to bed.

Imagine my shock when I saw on MSN that Chris Brown turned himself into the police in an assault case, and that Rihanna was in a car accident.... double wuh?????

Well, peoples, now word is on the street that the woman he assaulted is none other than Rihanna and she has injuries to her face and will not be appearing at the Grammy's. Check the story here.

Wuhloss! I really hope this is just speculation, 'cause look how Chris Brown goin' get a serious ass whupping from Rihanna's brother, who already said he don't like him too pretty pretty. At any rate, Brown is in big trouble, which ever way you look at it.

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