Friday, February 20, 2009

It was only a matter of time...

We all know it was a matter of time before some media outlet got to the LAPD.

The internet is going nuts with the photos of Rihanna's abuse at the hands of Chris Brown. I really don't know what to say, except girl, if you go back to that man....

Since then, the LAPD has released a statement on the matter. You know someone in that office is retiring early...

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Khaidji said...

I’m sorry that this photo had been released on what should have been such a joyous day for Rihanna who turned 21 the same day. But even when she is down, Rihanna still continues to gladden the hearts of many. She is now the poster child and face for many ladies who have suffered from Domestic Violence and the more publicity it receives, followed by her decision to step away, the clearer will be the message sent to the millions of abused victims and even their perpetrators. Happy Birthday Rihanna and thanks for your continued maturity and the proper use of your talent.

Hate That I Love You

How can anyone be so unkind
And why does love have to be so blind
The regularity of Domestic Violence
Evidently doesn’t happen without prior incidence
The warning signs we too often ignore
Hands clenched during arguments and much more
Anger and jealousy depicted in voice
The restrictions of freedom and constraints of choice
In love we embrace attention but if it should smother
Let go, create some distance, before you’re just another
One of the many statistics in a brutal beating
Violence meted down by a coward who in love is cheating
Emotions can flare but don’t ever mistake
Your love which may be pure from their love that is fake
Once violence steps in then love steps out
Use this little measure to state what you’re all about

Here is a further appeal for Bajans to lend their support to Rihanna and be loyal Sons and Daughters.

This young entertainer has managed to overcome many obstacles before and this little bump in the road will only cause her to speed wobble but she will certainly retain her balance and get on her way. Also, Rihanna will always have an island of friends and family.

We Sons And Daughters

When the days are cold and the nights are hot
Evenings come quickly and change does not
So many decisions to make and appointments to keep
Or when work and commitments rob you of sleep
No one to trust except the absent few
Some acquaintances you met but they are too new
After work is work and after that is more
No spare time to play or rest like before
Druggies offering for pennies an easy way out
Do it! Your new acquaintances will shout
And the inner self reminds me of who I am
Uninterested of their escape or its delusionary scam
Got strength to outlast and traverse what’s ahead
Have the love of God, my friends and family instead
These setbacks that stained my face with agony
Embarrasses the shallow minded but they don’t me
Rihanna is a Bajan full of Strength and Unity
Strict guardian of her heritage, with Pride and dignity

Acrostic Poetry from The Bajan Poetry Society