Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eric Holder sworn in

The winds of change continue to sweep through the USA. Congratulations are extended to former prosecutor and federal judge Eric Holder, who was sworn in this morning as Attorney General. He is the first African American to hold that post.

Holder, who is of Barbadian parentage, was accompanied to the swearing in ceremony by his mother Miriam (left), wife Sharon and their three children.

Change has come, oh yes indeed. I look forward to the day when there're no more 'first black' or 'first African American' anything out there....

Photo: www.theybf.com


Anonymous said...

Black and african-american are not synonymous.
As a Barbadian I'm surprised to see you refer to Holder as african american considering he's not.

Bajegirl said...

Holder was born in the US, in the Bronx. His father was born in Barbados and his mother in New Jersey. His mother's parents are also from Barbados.

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