Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Poll results + new poll

On the question 'Do you agree with the mass suspension of students at the Garrison Secondary?', the majority of voters agreed with the action taken by Principal of the Garrison Secondary School, Matthew Farley.

I hear an inspection of the male students at the Garrison Secondary is coming soon. Let's see how they fare.

For our new poll, let's take a look back at a story I linked to yesterday, which reported on the recent appointment of retiring director of the Urban Development Commission (UDC), O'Brien Trotman, to a newly created post of "urban renewal adviser". You can see the full story here and here.

To those of you who're wondering 'so what's the big deal?', it's no secret that Mr. Trotman is a Barbados Labour Party stalwart and a Minister of Government in a former BLP administration. I'm not naive enough to think that politicians won't look out for each other, but the whole thing is a slap in the face to those persons qualified in urban planning or simimlar fields who didn't have a chance to apply for the post. Tell me if I'm wrong, 'cause I sure didn't see the post advertised.

Not to mention, tax payers now have to foot the bill for another large salary along with that of the Director of the UDC. And what's the Adviser going to do anyway? I doubt new director George Edghill needs anyone to hold his hand while he acquaints himself with his new post. Besides, he has his own staff, a parent Ministry and a Permanent Secretary to do that. Lord, save us from these politicians....

Anyhoo, let's hear from you; 'Do you agree with the appointment of O'Brien Trotman as UDC's Urban Renewal Adviser?'

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