Monday, September 17, 2007

Eric Jerome Dickey's coming this week!

Who says lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice. One of my favourite authors, Eric Jerome Dickey, will be visiting Barbados a second time, this time to promote his new novel, Waking with Enemies. I've been reading his books since before he grew dreadlocks and I'm sure his new novel will be a hit.

Eric will be autographing his new book exclusively at Pages Bookstores all this week, and on Friday will be doing a special island tour for ten lucky fans. The idea is that he will then use his experiences here to write a novel featuring Barbados, its people and its culture.

Well it's about time folks realised we have tons of material for stories here in Bim. I would have preferred if a book by a native on contemporary Barbados blew up first, but hopefully the interest his future project will no doubt generate will open doors for writers like myself. I hope to attend one of the book signings tomorrow and take some pics, so watch out for more.


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Karel Mc Intosh said...

He was in Trini last week.