Friday, September 28, 2007

Links + bits

Hi, peoples. It's been a rough week so I've only been able post links on the issues I wanted to bring to your attention instead of discussing them at length. I have a few more for you today.


Ansa McAl's not giving up
Perceptions of corruption are relative...
Last of the Jena 6 freed
Myanmar cuts internet

In terms of what's happening in Myanmar or Burma...what are the powers that be at the UN and similar organisations doing about this situation? I can't claim to know much about Burma, but beating down monks and other civilians in the street and invading monasteries in the night don't cut it in the 21st century!

In the link above I read that the UN's Special Envoy to Myanmar Ibrahim Gambari is on his way there, so we'll see what happens. I don't advocate countries meddling in other countries' business, but you wanna bet if certain citizens of the world were at risk in Myanmar troops would be headed there? All I know is that there's no room for this type of tyranny in a modern world.

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