Monday, September 17, 2007

A new round of Cheese

Hi peoples! I'm back with you after a short break. Thanks for all your coments; I had fun reading through them. The break from regular blogging also gave me a chance to do some housekeeping; I've added links to the last story, Ghetto Fabulous, in the sidebar, as well as to dreadlocs' Oh No They Didn't!!! segment. Blogs Ya Herrd, Fashion Over Style and Doan Mind Me have also been added to the link list.

A lot sure has happened in the last two weeks. First of all, let me congratulate Orette Bruce Golding on becoming Jamaica's eighth Prime Minister. I know my former landlady in Jamdown must be thrilled. US President George W. Bush sent his best wishes as well.

Golding is proof that perseverance pays off. Never mind that dark NDM chapter, Bruce, you won out in the win. Just don't go waving around any
and you'll be alright.

For a look at some of Jamaica's former Prime Ministers, click here.


On a sad note, I would like to bid farewell to classical opera powerhouse, Luciano Pavarotti. According to a relative who works at a west coast hotel, Pavarotti was a regular visitor to Barbados and he enjoyed cooking up his own pasta dishes on the balcony of his room. As one third of the famous Three Tenors, his inimitable stylings will be greatly missed.

On a happier note, kudos to the local media for conceptualising the Brittons Hill Appeal telethon, which aired on September 8th. To all those who pledged funds, please honour the pledges!

Photo of Bruce Golding:

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