Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who they kidding?

I see that Crop Over is off to a fine start. Then again, what's the festival without controversy, right? Apart from the blustering by those persons who seem to think they're more important than Crop Over, what really ticks me off is the ignorance we have passing as songs on our airwaves.

I swear, some of these entertainers - 'cause please don't mistake them for calypsonians - get bolder and bolder every year in their crassness. And then they try to call these songs 'double-entendre'! Who they kidding? Lil Rick and Blood especially - yeah I'm calling names - should know better because they have small children. Don't they think about the impact these songs have on them? They think kids around Barbados really singing 'Conch' and 'She push he'? Smut may be in the ear of the hearer as they claim, but all they're doing is contributing to the smut and corrupting the innocence of impressionable kids.

I'm not a prude but the fact remains that parents can't really prevent their children from hearing this stuff once it hits the airwaves. What are they gonna do, turn off the car radios and the radios at home until August? If these guys insist on writing crudeness then they should be restricted to singing those songs in the tents for adults only. Give the kids a break for heaven's sake! Haven't some of us adults spoiled them enough?

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dreadlocs said...

Dude, I agree but i must admit that i love Conch. I think that unlike alot of the other smut, it is actaully cleverly written.

Maybe I am already spoiled. However I would not allow my unborn young child to listen to this stuff either. Songs like this have been written for years, but the difference is there are so much more accessible to all and sundry now.

Would it have been played on the radio a few years before?? I wonder.