Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Fix

Hi peoples, TGIF and all that. Our favourite celebrity Bajan singer was in attendance recently at Kanye West's 30th birthday party. Rihanna looked quite elegant although the poor child's face was almost hidden by those bangs. The surprise to me was that Kanye West is only 30! Must be all that hanging with 'gold diggers'. Trust Kanye West to have a red carpet for a birthday party. Tsk Tsk.

In other non-Rihanna news, if you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy and specifically of Isaiah Washington, well, grab a hanky. Washington has been fired from the award-winning medical drama, and ABC sources are saying the firing is only "partly" because of his anti-gay slur five months ago against co-star T.R. Knight, who plays George.

As you may recall, Knight came out officially after Washington pretty much outed him at an awards show. Since then Washington has gone to anger management and even filmed a public service announcement promoting gay rights.

What are your views on this turn of events? Should Isaiah Washington have been fired, especially after attempting to make amends?

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