Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Somebody's gotta be the fall guy...

Chinese artisans on the job at the Four Seasons site on Monday

Well, Government has tossed the ball firmly in the Chief Immigration Officer's court over this raging issue of Chinese labour at the Four Seasons development site.
Minister of the State in the Prime Minister's Office, Reverend Joseph Atherley, has stated categorically that no work permits have been issued and if the Chinese workers (who are clearly on site) were in fact breaking any laws, the matter would have to be investigated and dealt with by the Immigration Department.

Atherley stated in today's Daily Nation: "If that [illegal work] is going on at the property, I'm sure the Immigration Department would let Government know. If there are any breaches of the laws of Barbados in this regard, then the Immigration Department is the entity to deal with such breaches. They are the persons to get this information from."

"I'm not going to get involved in any public controversy
with anyone. I stated the Government's position to the entire country yesterday [at a Press conference on Sunday], and that remains. No work permits have been issued."

Well, well, well. Of course, the Chief Immigration Officer Gilbert Greaves is unavailable for comment. I would be too, trust me. Right now I would be calculating to see how close I was to my 33 and a third years in the public service and figuring out my pension. Good luck, Gilbert.

And in Jamaica, The police high command has finally confirmed that Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer was not murdered. Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas said at a press conference earlier today that investigators have now accepted that Mr. Woolmer died of natural causes.

He says the police came to the conclusion following the recommendations of three senior international pathologists – one from Canada, one from The United Kingdom and the other from South Africa.

I have a few questions for Lucius:
1) Where the heck were you all this time? On vacation?
2) Is the fact that you're speaking now a sign that your deputy Mark Shields has been fired?
3) Who told Shields to be so hasty to declare that Woolmer was murdered?
4) Will Shields be the fall guy for this gross bungling of Woolmer's death?
5) Will you be surprised if the Pakistan team and or Woolmer's family sue the Jamaica High Command for the public humiliation and distress you put them through?


Anonymous said...

well, well, well. I tell you, Barbados really isn't our country -das why I lef um! Keep keeping the expats updated!

peace and blessings,

bad2dbone70 said...

it not only a prob there but also here in Jamaica, especially when they were building the stadium, for the world cup