Monday, October 15, 2007

Rihanna's gone Hollywood, y'all

Rihanna is really turning into a Hollywood girl since moving to California. First of all, she's taking her furry little dog DJ everywhere á la Paris Hilton. Okay, no doubt she loves her pet but who goes shopping with a dog? (Note to Rihanna, dogs as accessories are out. The new Hollywood trend is to adopt babies from Africa).

Second, every time you look around the tabloids are linking her to a different guy. Again, it's not all her fault if the tabloids write stuff about her, and as strange as it may sound, in Hollywood that's actually good for her career, especially if the guy's hot property at the moment. Strange place, that Hollywood.

This time around, she's linked to actor Josh Hartnett, 29, (pictured above) and was reportedly spotted kissing and cuddling with the actor at the club Pink Elephant in New York City, and the two recently cohosted TRL. Hartnett has starred in movies such as Pearl Harbor, The Black Dahlia, Sin City and Hollywood Homicide. Of course, you have to take these tabloids with a pinch of salt, so don't take this as gospel.

Go on with your 'bad' self, Rih-Rih. Who knows, maybe one day you'll end up with your crush Justin Timberlake. Dreams come true in Hollywood, right?



Jdid said...

I really dont dig the dog thing. wha kinda bajan you know duz walk bout holding a dog? dogs supposed to be big, vicious or at least sound vicious and be kept in the back yard. those are the rules. how hard is that to follow. she just showing off wid dat dog wannabe in she hand.

regarding the rumours though as someone pointed out could be worse. she cud be flashing we wid she eh em eh em like paris or getting dottish off drugs so at least she aint get deyso yet. the lil tattoo and the men thing aint so bad although alot a this linked to thing duz juss be some paparazzi see you sharing a drink and next thing newspapers got in that you sleeping with that person.

i think though that some of the gossip rags got it in for her. i duz read alot alot of crap about her online where they just taking trivial stuff and embellishing

Bajegirl said...

I agree re: the paps. I make my sport about Rihanna but I avoid blogging about half the things I read about her because most of it's just gossip.

Anonymous said...

I really hope she didnt do anything with josh at C.P.E
.. Shit he is so hot. And isnt she with Chris Brown?!? Please i pray that their isnt something going on.