Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Exploring the Barbadian countryside

My family and I spent a few days recently in Cattlewash, St. Joseph and I took some pics of the cemtral and eastern side of the island. Despite Barbados' small size, you'd be surprised to know that there're still some roads and scenes that I discovered for the first time. Bajan readers, I highly recommend a stay or even a drive through the country as a means of relaxing from the hectic pace of life, and non-Bajan readers, I hope you'll be encouraged to visit us soon.

We took the scenic route to St. Joseph through St. Thomas, a central parish. This was a very strange-looking woods just past Hillaby. It kinda looked like if the trees were walking towards the road...

The view overlooking the east coast. See, we ain't all flat.

Approaching Bawdens in St. Andrew.

Belleplaine, St. Andrew. If you're staying on the east coast, this is an area where you can buy food, fill up on fuel or simply hang out in a rum shop.

The east coast was the first side of the island to emerge from the water millions of years ago, and volcanic upthrusts like this one are a common sight.

The view from our balcony in Cattlewash.

The shady neighbourhood in Atlantic Park.

Cattlewash Beach

On the way home we passed through St. John, another ruggedly beautiful parish. This is the view overlooking Martin's Bay.

A closer view of Martin's Bay.

When you're passing through St. John, a stop at Hackleton's Cliff is a must. From that height you can see from St. Lucy in the north almost to St. Philip in the south. Historians say that the Arawak Indians who inhabited the island jumped off this cliff to avoid enslavement by the settlers of the island.

Redland in St. John is another interesting area. It's close to Mount Tabor and Villa Nova and is very picturesque.

Hope you enjoyed.


Campfyah said...

man yuh just mek me miss home real bad yuh. Last time I was there we went to Hackletons Cliff, it was listed as one of the 7 wonders of Barbados. What a beautiful view. Thanks for the photos.

Bajegirl said...

You're welcome campfyah. Hope you get to come home soon.

Jdid said...

great photos.