Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday mix

Hi, peoples. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here's a round-up of what's happening in this neck of the woods:

The Nation Newspaper, in association with CADRES, recently conducted a poll to "identify and address the major issues that trouble Barbadians, using several different techniques", and the cost of living was the major concern for more than 40 per cent of Barbadians island-wide.

No big surprise there. Prices are sky rocketing in Barbados, especially for food items. The price of flour and therefore bread products has risen three times this year alone. Soon the saying "by the sweat of thy brow thou shall eat bread" will be a cruel joke....

So the West Indies Cricket team has a new coach, and big surprise, it's another non-West Indian. Over the weekend, former Australian test cricketer and Sri Lankan coach, John Dyson, was appointed the Windies' ninth coach in 15 years. Although our region has produced some of the greatest cricketers in the world we seem scared to give one of 'em a chance to coach the West Indies team. Nothing against Dyson, who seemed to have had done a good job with Sri Lanka, but why is the WICB constantly looking outside the region for a coach?

Mega 6 winner Ryan Corbin (left) collects his cheque from National Sports Council representative Joel "Big Bird" Garner
I see that the new Bajan millionaire's not only lucky, but brave too. Winner Ryan Corbin, a 29-year-old forensic scientist from St. Philip, elected to personally collect his cheque for $2.3 million. Good luck with that, Ryan....

And what's this foolishness about the local consortium wanting to sue Ansa McAl and Neal and Massy for withdrawing their bids for BS&T? I thought Tony Hoyos and crew would have been delirious with joy, 'cause technically they have a clear path to buy BS&T. That's like Obadele Thompson trailing behind Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay in a race and then suing them both for pulling up and not finishing the race. Go for the gold, Hoyos, or you change your mind about buying the company?

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