Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday links

So now they want us
Neal & Massy defends itself
Hit for Six hits Los Angeles Film Festival
COP likely to split votes in Trinidad
Perhaps Bruce Golding should try politics of inclusion?
Virgin Atlantic moving Barbados flights to Heathrow
Dujon drops it like its hot on the Windies

Photo: Andrew Pilgrim, star of Hit for Six -

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Jdid said...

i need to check out hit it for six. hopefully it will get released here in toronto.

regarding the blue card i find that so ironic.possibly its a move to find professionals from other places besides the subcontinent and the middle east. I know those Europeans are really worried about the increasing influence of islam coming through those immigrants. this is probably a way to combat that as they figure folk from their former colonies will be more in tuned to their way of life.