Tuesday, January 23, 2007

US politics heating up

The upcoming primary elections in the US will probably the most exciting in history! I can't wait to see who the Democrats choose to lead them into the 2008 Presidential elections, a woman or an African American man. Of course, they may decide to go with someone else...who knows.
Tell me what you think...is America ready to be run by Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton or Senator Barack Obama?

Photo of Obama: www.illinoischannel.org
Photo of Clinton: www.muzix.org

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Lisa Bayley said...

It certainly is heating up. I actually think the US will choose a white female before a black male, but i am an Obama maniac. I really get a great vibe from this guy.
He has that IT factor that BUSH never had. Not that he needed it right? All i can say i will be wathcing closely as it will be very intersting race.