Monday, January 08, 2007

Safeguarding our heritage

Hi folks, Happy New Year again. I'm back from holiday and all ready to blog away. Did any of you take in the BMA's last week? I'm trying to round up some pics of the flesh oops fashion show for you guys to see. More on that later.
A few years ago I happened to pass through Westbury New Road and I was impressed with a rather stately looking house sitting on what must have been an acre of land. I later found out that the house had been owned by the late Barbadian Foreign Minister and master politician (depending on who you ask), Sir James Cameron Tudor. Don't go looking for it now though, because it's been demolished. Yup, last week I passed through that street and trucks and bulldozers were picking through the ruins. I just hope that, given its proximity to Kensington Oval, the land isn't going to be used for a parking lot for World Cup patrons! Then again, anything is possible in Bim...
Isn't it about time that we protect the homes and property of persons who contributed to the development of this country? Aren't these buildings prime heritage sites? Believe me, tourists want to see where the Errol Barrows and Grantley Adams' lived, not only get a tan at the beach. Oh yeah, I forgot Tyrol Cot has been renovated and is a heritage site. My bad.

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