Thursday, January 11, 2007

BMA Pix Pt. 2

Here are some more of the BMA photos, courtesy of Speaking of that website, I would suggest that all parents and guardians of teenagers check out that site and to see what young people get up to these days. It's a bit scary, but you need to see it. So that the next time your kids say they're going to 'a little party at Club X or Y', you're in a better position to judge if you want them to go. Now on with the pix....

This guy was Bajan to de bone

Sometime singer 'Peewee' Estwick was nicely coordinated with his date

It must hurt that 60+ Betty West pulled this style off better last year...

Magnet Man dressed down a bit this year

This outfit looked great...for bed

Soca sensation Shontelle looked lovely

Not a bad dress, but not quite sure about it on her. And is that Dale Miller from the Water Authority?

One of my favourite outfits of the night. Pure class

I see Alice was late getting to Wonderland...

The freaks do come out at night...

Pure confidence in every step

Shiny and shimmery seemed to be the order of the night

Shades of Sheena Queen of the Jungle. The abs were fantastic though

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