Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Red carpet rules

Hi all. On Monday night I watched the 2007 Barbados Music Awards and while the production had a few hiccups it was generally well organised. Ronnie Morris and his team can only get better as time goes on. We hope. Anyhoo, while watching the gold carpet arrivals I decided to come up with some red/gold/green/whatever carpet rules....
(1) The red carpet should be restricted to persons who are easily recognisable or famous for some reason. I know this isn't Hollywood but if show organisers are going to go all elitist and put down a red/gold carpet, then only the 'stars' and their dates should be on it.
(2) Outfits should never, ever match the carpet. Got that, Contone???
(3) If you don't want people to look at you, then stay off the darn carpet.
(4) The red carpet arrival begins when the limo pulls up. Ladies, please learn how to exit a vehicle properly. Even Victoria wants to keep some secrets.
(5)Persons conducting red carpet interviews need to prepare properly or they will be embarrassed. Especially if they ask the Prime Minister what he's 'wearing'.
(6)Again interviewers, if persons on the carpet don't know who they're 'wearing', please move on.
(7) If you don't know who the heck you're 'wearing', don't make up a name or say 'I got it in Paris', trying to pretend it's haute couture. You know you bought it off the rack like everyone else!
(8) A red carpet event connotes glamour and elegance; persons on the carpet should not be attired in Crop Over or Halloween outfits.
(9)If you don't want persons to see who you're with at the event, then don't take him/her on the red carpet!
(10)The red carpet is not the place to show the world what a 'pimp' you are. Take one date at a time, not four. And see rule number 7.

Anyhoo, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here're two fashion don'ts right here.

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