Friday, July 06, 2007

West Indies Cricket merry-go-round

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Let me first state that by no means am I an athlete, sports administrator or any expert on sports in general. I’m just an average fan who happens to love sports, among them the gentleman’s game of cricket. Unfortunately that title seems to no longer apply to the West Indies cricket team.

It officially went down the drain when the WICB appointed their new One-Day captain. Now, I stood by when they put poor batsmen in the team and allowed them to fail for the umpteenth time, when they decided to do the captaincy merry-go-round, when they got beaten by what I considered lesser teams such as England.

Coupled with this, we have seen the emergence of teams such as Bangladesh, who may not have the talent and resources we have, but have forged a strong team ethic and desire to win. Now, not only have the West Indies lost to England 3 – 0 in the test series but the WICB has the gumption to appoint Chris Gayle as the captain for the One-Day series. How much worse can it get? What is the WICB trying to suggest with this appointment? I guess if you continue to bat like a blind man and rebel constantly against authority then you should be justly rewarded. At one point, Gayle would aspire to make runs when the series was completed and he had nothing to lose but now he’s not even doing that. To top it off, he behaves like the perpetual bad-boy of cricket. What kind of example will he set for the younger members of the team, “Do as I say and not as I do?”

The WICB has dropped the ball again, no pun intended, and as far as I am concerned alienated many right-thinking, die-hard supporters of the team; the ones who have stuck by the team through the bad times and the worse times. I am not a West Indies cricket basher just because it’s the “in-thing” to do. I’ve been through too much and followed them for too long to remain silent on these matters. Too many mistakes have been made in West Indies cricket with too many excuses. There will be a time when the excuses will be exhausted and the WICB will have to take blame for their errors. And that time is fasting approaching for West Indies cricket.

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