Monday, July 09, 2007

Head for the hills: Jamaica's elections are August 27

Now, I'm not trying to be facetious. Nor am I being unkind to our Jamaican brothers and sisters. As someone who lived in Jamaica I can tell you it's a tense place to be at election time. Especially if you live in Kingston.

I remember being a student at Mona in 2007 and the UWI officials were considering closing the Campus early because they feared students might get caught in any political warfare between the villages closest to Mona. Bear in mind this was in December, with exams pending and us Bajans wanting to get home to our families. Thank God they sorted it all out and I did my exams and was outa there on December 22.

Jamaica is a country with a lot of energy and vibes; you feel that anything can happen at any time. Some people might like that, others not so much. I enjoyed my year there and I was blessed with a drama-free stay. I won't go on about the crazy things that can happen there at election time, but I'll just be praying that all goes well for the Jamaican people on August 27.

Photo: PM of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller

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Anonymous said...

You speaking the truth Bajan. I am Jamaican and I don't even want to be there when it's election time. JLP win but PNP won't concede defeat yet. There were arrests today of PNP gunmen who were shooting up a few polling stations.