Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekend Wrap

Obama and Clinton take off their kid gloves
Racism's still alive and kicking in Louisiana
Keith Mitchell's having a very bad week
Ban Ki-Moon's passing through next week
The USA has nothing to say to Cuba
Baby T&T forming in the Caribbean sea
Aquafina comes clean
Rihanna's umbrellas hit the market

Speaking of Rihanna, you know you've become a star when other artistes try to copy your style. Raunchy rapper Trina is the latest entertainer attempting to replicate Rihanna's asymmetrical cut.

I think that round goes to Rihanna....

****************** **********************
What's really going on with the National Cultural Foundation? First, the Foreday Morning Jam was changed from parading through Bridgetown to moving off from Spring Garden, then was switched back to Bridgetown, but beginning from a different point.

Then, the Pic o de Crop Finals and Cohobblopot were to be held at the National Stadium, then they were relocated to Kensington Oval, now they're headed back to the Stadium.

Is someone at the NCF speaking out of turn? Are the journalists running with scoops, without confirming facts? Whatever's the reason for this see-saw, it reflects badly on the organisers of the festival.

And is it a coincidence that both issues have at their center concerns over the possible damage revellers might inflict on Bridgetown stores or the Oval? I know some folks around here are pretty lawless, but still!

Anyhoo, the show must go on. Have a good weekend, enjoy the Crop Over activities and be safe out there. Until Monday, si dieu veux.


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