Friday, March 09, 2007

Weekend wrap - Oba Married + Hal Gollop's not too smart

I'm most annoyed. After staking out several key websites for over a week to get any news about the Oba/Marion wedding , the main day I was away from the computer news broke! Ah well, them's the breaks, as they say. Congrats again to the newlyweds and expectant parents.
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Maybe I can get my hands on a wedding photo...

Philip Moseley (left), the new president of the Barbados Turf Club, presenting the coveted $4.4 million Mega 6 cheque to attorney-at-law Hal Gollop.
Photo: Daily Nation

A rapper once sang 'Mo money, mo problems', and somewhere out there a young man nicknamed 'Curly' can probably attest to that. Despite assurances from lawyer Hal Gollop, no one believes that he won the $4.4 million Mega 6 lottery. Maybe because he protested too much?
To give him his due, Gollop was trying hard to protect his client's privacy. Seriously, can you imagine the amount of calls and visits Curly would receive from "well wishers", "friends", businesses and sycophants? All types of con artists would be trying to part him from his cash. I don't blame him for trying to remain anonymous.
That being said, I don't think Gollop did a very good job of pretending the cheque was his. His comments just weren't adding up. And after reading his letter to the Editor in the Daily Nation yesterday, he more or less revealed what we guessed all along.
Curly boy, best of luck. Take good advice and spend wisely. Live your dreams for all of us!

One less star is shining in the comedic firmament with the passing of British actor John Inman, who played the role of 'Mr. Humphries' in the long-running BBC comedy 'Are You Being Served'. Inman died yesterday at age 71 from Hepatitis A.
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Have a good weekend all.

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