Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mid week mix

Look who's back in town. Rihanna was spotted at the Grantley Adams Airport a few days ago.

She also was spotted recently hanging with her boss Jay-Z (far left) at a New Jersey Nets basketball game...

and she also did a photoshoot for VIBE magazine. Why is the poor child in a bathtub with a swimsuit on? Leave the grown folk poses alone, Rih-Rih.

This one's nice though


Cricket has had its share of scandals, but the Bob Woolmer "suspicious death" case is gearing up to overshadow everything else in the 2007 World Cup. Rumours are flying left and right about how the former Pakistan coach died. The local organising committees have been planning for years for this event, they've run scenarios and brainstormed, but they never could have contemplated this Hitchcock-like drama. My condolences go to his family, who must be extremely bewildered by this turn of events. As for the Pakistan team, I'm sure it will be a while before the tarnish on their image has been erased. I feel they're going to have a tough time filling Woolmer's post...

It's official, the apocalypse has begun. Banks are using sex to sell their products. What the heck I'm talking about, you ask? In recent weeks the Bank of Butterfield has been running radio ads for the over-50 market. One features banter about a woman flirting with a younger waiter, and in another a son teases his father about attracting younger ladies. The father responds that women like men who are confident in their future. Thanks for making women sound like gold diggers, Buterfield Bank! You all listen to it and tell me if I'm over-reacting.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah those ads really rub me the wrong way too. Hasn't anyone else interpreted them in this way?
I guess no focus group was done on these ads at all. Even the print ads were ridiculous especially the one with the mature man looking in his car rear-view mirror at some obviously young women.
That's not the type of life that should begin at 50. You got it wrong Butterfield!