Monday, March 19, 2007

Politics + cricket

Well, well, well. Only a week away and so much to blog about. Where to start...

Thompson arriving at Parliament

Last Wednesday, the budget started off typically. Prime Minister Arthur delivered his Budgetary proposals. On Thursday, Opposition Leader David Thompson gave his reply and the other 28 members of Parliament began their comments, ranging from poetic ramblings to piques of temper. Then on the last day, the Prime Minister gave his closing remarks, during which he took the usual opportunity to embarrass the Opposition (usually the Leader) with evidence of some past misdeed.
Well, that's where the event took a twist. For once Thompson not only defended himself, but clean bowled the PM in the process! This really must be an election year. Thompson's showing some spunk. He must be vex because the PM showed him he too knew about Families First...

Pakistan's former cricket coach, Bob Woolmer

They don't call cricket the game of glorious uncertainties for nothing. Ireland and Bangladesh are minnows no more, having defeated Pakistan and India respectively. I still doubt they'll make the final, but you never know. And all the drama isn't occurring on the field either. Pakistan's coach Bob Woolmer passed away suddenly in his hotel room in Jamaica, and in St. Lucia some members of England's team were disciplined for partying it up there. In related news, Pakistan's capitan Inzaman Ul-Haq resigned following the defeat and England's vice captain Andrew Flintoff was sacked and dropped for the recent one-day against Canada. Flintoff nearly drowned when he "toppled into the water after a late-night drinking spree".
Well, well. Seems like the ICC should have devised a "good behaviour" campaign for the cricketers along with the ones created by the LOC's for the natives hosting the matches.


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