Monday, November 20, 2006

The irony of Independence

Hi folks! Didja miss me? I was off juggling several assignments and studying as well so limited time did not permit me to post. Since I'm back up the blog has been switched to beta, an improved format.
Well, we're into our independence celebrations and I must admit, I'm not feeling too festive. Don't get me wrong - I'm as patriotic as they come - but I feel as though we Barbadians are going backwards in terms of our personal development. We have all the trappings of a developed country: the cars, the villas, credit cars, a Concorde jet sitting in a hangar, but are we really free as a people?
It appears as though many of us Barbadians no longer possess the willpower to rise independently above our current status and make successes of our lives, without feeling we have to throw our blind support behind a political party or brown-nose every "big up" who crosses our path. We have attained an enviable lifestyle in the past 40 years, but we seem to have lost our pride in the process, and much of our industry as well. Many have been reduced to waiting for handouts, some out of genuine need, others out of real sloth.
"Friendsing" and politics are now the order of the day; those who prefer to sit on the fence and not declare their allegiance will remain there. I refuse to believe that my future depends on who I support in an election; I saw first-hand in Jamaica how this type of mindset could ruin a country. If I am to feel proud to be a citizen of a mature country, I need to feel as if I have a fair chance of survival. Don't give me a fish, teach me how to fish.

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