Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Bashment" mentality

I see that our Prime Minister is again speaking out about the "bashment mentality" that is currently so pervasive in Barbados. While I agree with his concerns, I'm wondering if Government realises the part it has played in creating this situation.
For several years now, almost every national event has been turned into a bashment party, filled with guest artistes wining and gyrating on stage. Of course I'm not denying the local entertainers their share of the spotlight; to give Government it's due it has done a lot to raise the profile of culture in the last 12 years, especially the Calypso art form.
However, we have to admit that we can't seem to celebrate an occasion anymore without turning it into a "bram" as the old folks used to say. As if we feel the only way to attract persons to an event is through loud speakers and a titillating beat. Before long we'll be wukking and jukking after the Independence Day parade.

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